Sunday, April 26, 2015

"AP Fashion Show 2015"

I was asked to produce/direct/style my old High School's annual fashion show this year again. I went to a very small, unique and beautiful private high school just outside of Pasadena, Ca: Arroyo Pacific Academy. I have thrown many fashion shows in my life and anyone that electively directs fashion shows is pretty much a lunatic, because they know the stress, anxiety, and work that goes into it. Yet, when My Alumn asked me if I would do this, I literally jumped to say yes... There isn't anything I wouldn't do for this school. Arroyo Pacific was introduced to me at age 15 when I was a sophomore at another larger private high school in Pasadena. I was bullied at that school and am not using that word flippantly. My anxiety got so bad at the previous school that I just stubbornly chose to stop going. My parents seemed helpless and wanted to caringly make it better; yet being firm they said "well you have to still go to school" "it's the law." From many nights of research and word of mouth, my mom heard of a small private school called Arroyo Pacific Academy in Arcadia, CA started by an angel on earth named Phillip Clarke. When I first joined the school my sophomore class had approximately 7 students. I flourished in an environment like this being born an artist. I felt less attacked and more with a team. The teachers brought forth the confidence in myself I never knew I had all along. I won't make this a novel about the undying graditude I owe for the rest of my life to this school, but seeing these students 12 years later that are currently attending the school and wanted to participate in the fashion show warmed my heart. There is no ego, no BS, everyone is welcome which is how life and society should be. I would be honored to have a child someday be like any of these students I worked with over the past month, and I know each of them are going to be extremely successful. the quote on the website of the school says it all in the philosophy section: Recognizing the value and uniqueness of each student as a person with artistic, emotional, imaginative, intellectual, physical, religious, and social potential, the teacher endeavors to lead the students to seek the fullest development of their talents concentrating on intellectual and academic potential. The theme for this years fashion show was an elegant affair, where we focused on the Spring Season and Prom Attire. These kids are so artistic and receptive so I pulled from some great designers, mixed and matched with their own formal wardrobe, and bought some vintage.
Arroyo Pacific Academy Donations: Prom Tickets by the Arroyo Pacific Academy Student Body Bills Tuxedos DeJa Vu Med Spa Emerald Day Spa Marc Jacobs Nordstrom Sephora Stella and Dot MD's Florists Wardrobe: Elena Collections Treasured Adornment BCBG Miu Miu Savers Thrift Store Moon Velvet Vintage Goodwill Hair and Makeup: Audrey Ford Sarah Butler Veronica Nunez Photography by Hawaii Vaughn special thanks to all of the Student Photographers, Ms Tufenkdjian for being the best right hand woman, Sound Department, Dressers, Food Club, Yearbook Club, Faculty, PHILLIP CLARKE, and all of the student models because without you none of this would have happened... YOU ROCKED IT!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015