Thursday, March 21, 2019

"The Way We Wore"

The Way We Wore is a favorite vintage store of mine. When you walk in the door you are greeted with a plethora of style on the team members; these kind, eccentric individuals could be wearing lavender tights and a brocade mini dress, a velvet maroon top hat with flowers on it, pastel handmade 1970s patchwork dusters, or 1920s ruffled blouses with newer pants. I always passed 'The Way We Wore' in my neighborhood for years but had no idea what I was missing. I discovered how incredible this hidden gem was by their reality show called "LA Frock Stars" on the Smithsonian Channel. Every episode was so decadent and up my alley. The Way We Wore was founded in 1981 by Doris Raymond in San Francisco, CA. Later the Store was moved to Los Angeles, CA which is a perfect fit for their star studded clientele. I was able to make my first purchase from The Way We Wore for a birthday dress and fell in love immediately with this 1950's rhinestone encrusted cocktail gown. I was fortunate enough to get to sit down and ask a few questions to the incredible Queen of Vintage Doris Raymmond as well as capture her beautiful store...... Tell me a bit about where you got your start in vintage clothing? Started wearing vintage as a teenager in the 70s as a starving student and the obsession grew from there. When a customer walks into “The Way We Wore” what do u want the experience to feel like? I want customers to feel like they are walking into my home. I want them to feel welcome and comfortable so they can fully enjoy the experience of immersing themselves in the history of fashion available here. I want everyone to leave happy with their purchase or just withe the overall experience. Might be a tough question but if you could live in another time era what would it be? I love the fashions of the deco/Gatsby era. I think all those luscious lames and slinky bias cuts represent an amazing time in fashion as well as history - after the Wall St. crash before WWII. Such a desire for beauty and decadence. If approached, would u ever do the television show “la frock stars” again? LA Frock Stars was an amazing experience but I believe in moving forward. I am working on some new concepts I hope to bring to frock Stars fans as well as anyone else interested in fashion past, present and future. I think i know the answer but, Could you name a favorite episode of your tv show and why? Every episode was a joy to do but I had the most fun with Dita Von Teese. She is a friend and the perfect mannequin for many of the pieces from my personal archives. it's nice to play with someone who has as great appreciation for vintage as I do. THE WAY WE WORE