Tuesday, May 14, 2019

"Honeymoon Part 2"

After a relaxing week just the two of us in St Barth. Ben and I journeyed to Tulum, Mexico (another one of our favorite joints) to meet up with 6 of our closest friends! It was beautiful and relaxing but now time for party time! I highly recommend our favorite beach bar called La Eufemia, it is super local and you can dance to drum circles and jazz music on the beach. Two other favorite restaurants are Posada Margarita (which we didn't have a chance to go to this trip) and Arca. We discovered an amazing new popup bar on a roof called Moderno, its a new tequila brand and goes down so smooth... too smooth! it potentially was the best margarita of my life, and their only rule is if you are going to walk up onto their roof you have to dance! we had the best time as a group. . . . .

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

"Honeymoon Part 1"

We got married in August of 2016 but just managed to take a honeymoon 3 years later! I highly recommend waiting for anyone engaged. It was so much more special to us as we had never taken a vacation just the two of us. Ben is an actor and Was traveling a lot for work the year we got married which made this so worthwhile as we needed a vacation really bad. We went to one of our favorite islands in the world St Barth together for 5 days then linked up with some of our closest friends in tulum for the second week! Relaxing time then party time! Outfit credits at the bottom. Part 1 will be St Barth. . . . . . . . .
We even made friends on our trip that became like family for a final night dinner//burlesque show at Le Ti.