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"St Croix"

The final stop on our trip was the Island of St Croix. This island was so lush, it feels like you are in the rainforest on the beach. One of the highlights of this portion of the trip was Benjamin Surprised me with a horseback ride on the beach, in the rainforest, and IN THE OCEAN swimming with the horses! I was impressed! He doesn't do things like this often, but when he does its good :) We are insane animal lovers and I felt bad even being on a horses back let alone standing barefoot on it at one point, but the owner of the horses assured me that it doesn't hurt him. The owner was an incredible Irishman who was an ex priest that left the Catholic Church and decided to move to this beautiful island. his name is Cowboy Steve if you are ever in St Croix, I highly suggest this experience. Clothing Credits Temporary Tattoos by Lulu DK Overalls and Bralette Vintage Hat Adorna Official Dress Buttons Tie Dye dress Vintage Sunglasses Versace Rope Necklace Mila Amor Dresses Monique Lehman Headband Jenny Dayco

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"St Maarten and St Barth"

The next leg of our beautiful trip was in St Maarten. With three days on this island I did some researching and realized St Barth was only a 45 min boat ride away! I am the type of gal that wants to see every state and every country in this lifetime, so the more the better for me on this trip. I was beyond pleasantly surprised with St Barth, So much that it was the highlight of my entire 9 day trip and fave of all of the locations. I now understand why the high society come here to vacation, it looks like the south of France in a tropical setting. I cannot wait to return! Clothing Credits in no particular order Dress Pink Martini Dress Free People Hat by Adorna Milano Dress by Buttons Misc Jewelry by Jenny Dayco Shoes by Topshop Shoes by Marylana

"Miami Trip"

Benjamin and I got to join my parents on an incredible trip in Miami, St Maarten, St Barth and St Croix A few days ago. Miami was the first leg of our trip, and I have to say I loved it. The Heat just makes you want to dance and drink frozen strawberry margaritas ;) We loved our stay at the Soho Beach House. It felt like a 1920s glamorous eclectic apt the way the rooms were all decorated. If you need a great restaurant please go to Seasalt and Pepper especially if you like fish. I have to say it was the best meal of the entire 10 days. A hidden gem we found was called Vizcaya Gardens which reminded me of Great Expectations and The Great Gatsby. Lavender dress Boo Hoo Official Earrings Jenny Dayco all other items vintage