Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"St Maarten and St Barth"

The next leg of our beautiful trip was in St Maarten. With three days on this island I did some researching and realized St Barth was only a 45 min boat ride away! I am the type of gal that wants to see every state and every country in this lifetime, so the more the better for me on this trip. I was beyond pleasantly surprised with St Barth, So much that it was the highlight of my entire 9 day trip and fave of all of the locations. I now understand why the high society come here to vacation, it looks like the south of France in a tropical setting. I cannot wait to return! Clothing Credits in no particular order Dress Pink Martini Dress Free People Hat by Adorna Milano Dress by Buttons Misc Jewelry by Jenny Dayco Shoes by Topshop Shoes by Marylana

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