Sunday, May 10, 2015

'A Golden Girl"

This Blog post is Dedicated on Mother's Day to my Grandmother Dodi. I have never done a feature truly on anyone else showcasing fashion other than myself. Thinking its time to change that, the best person I would think to break that ice is Grandma Dodi. I have always been so in awe of her clothing since I was younger. Mother's Day is special to me for her because Grandma Dodi herself has no children, but is a mother and grandmother 100% she is my Step-Grandmother and was married to my Grandma Ben who passed away in 1999. She was always another Grandmother to us and we are so blessed that she was and is in our lives forever. Her style floors me. From the St John Knits to the vintage beaded caftans and the jewelry from around the world a plenty. Dodi has been a rookie traveler all her life and her style emulates that. Dodi grew up in Los Angeles,CA and has been in show business since the age of 5! Her confidence is something every woman should strive to have. We love her.

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