Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Viva La Hillary"

Well, Probably not the best Idea to get into politics, but why not? This is me, this is my passion and this is who I am voting for. I am SO ready for her. With Hillary's Plan for Gun Reform it is enough to get me on Board. I am 100 percent against firearms personally. . . Living in San Francisco During the Gavin Newsom era, which was the only time + city to ever "ban guns", homicides went down in percentage. Numbers Don't lie. . . Safety is our priority. . . This woman is extremely qualified. Hillary is a major animal activist: with plans to shut down all dog fighting, cockfighting, the horse meat trade, and end all inhumane slaughter. Another Point of interest for me: I AM A WOMAN, and sorry to be so blunt, just a little stoked that she is fighting for all genders of the human race to make the same amount of money, it is F'ing ridiculous that it is 2016 and a man and woman can hold the same position at a work place with the same experience and a woman can make less than a man. Hill, is my gal. Yah I did it I abbreviated her name as if I know her, I feel a warmth from her, I am READY FOR HER. "I'm a progressive, but I'm a progressive who likes to get things done"- Hillary Clinton
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