Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In Judgement of the Leaf"

In Judgement of the Leaf And we were speaking easily and all the light stayed low Within your eyes; I think no equal glass has since been ground My love was looking through the throng that gave me you mind. We were quiet as the stars began to ride the billows; And watching them we took away only mortal stair. We wandered up the stable rays, we were startled, lost In a childs land whose stars are glory of jangling buoys. Gunned by the Froth of eternity and space Something snapped a twig at a distance from us; It seemed real: a bird called its little bonfire of sound: Thickets flamed with the trial of a leaf in the night Gentle hands were warm, scared within my hands; the moments Church wavered through Times dripping tapers...was torn away Suddenly We knew that we could no longer bling again to simple love. I saw your opening eyes reject the trade of tiny things And I reasoned that the whole world might lie naked In the earth of your eyes, in easy wonder building God. -Kenneth Patchen


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