Tuesday, May 12, 2020

"Quarantine Tea Party"

we have been quarantined at my parents for more space since March 16 it is now May 12th, we are so grateful for the exercise areas, sunshine, pool, good food and wine. I decided to set up a fake picnic if you will for fun because their grass area was just begging for my grandmillenial chic fabrics to be draped over it lol. My mom goes "cute" now is it all cleaned up? lol its like being back in high school all over again but were all loving it. If you have any free time in quarantine and want to create a quarantine chic tea party you will need: *floral pillowcases *any pastel fabrics *fruit from the refrigerator *tea kettle and tea cups OR Glass and pitcher for pink lemonade *your prettiest spring dress *spring bonnet or hat


  1. So in love with this!!! You have the prettiest style!
    Love, Tayma

  2. Adorable! I love the theme!
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